TRINITITE | 3ASignature

▎Year: 2023
▎Type of project: Design & Build by 3ASignature
▎Interior Designer: ThinhDoan | NamHa
▎Architect Designer: SonJoy

       "Remember the time in April when we received a request to carry out interior design work for this residential when the architectural design was completed. After meeting and exchanging with guests, we were filled with many emotions. Emotions because of meeting the owner who respects the design, listens to the shared advice, understands the artistic values and importantly the design time is comfortable. Emotions because of I haven't seen an investor like this in a long time. So on June afternoon while still struggling with a bunch of ideas, I found a way to entertain myself by looking at the showtimes of new movies to reward myself after this project. Accidentally the name Oppenheimer with the prestigious poster in the presence of Cillian Murphy attracted me greatly. Looking a lot of trailer, documentary film about OppenHeimer. I was attracted by the lab scene, to the lobby of the press conference, to 70mm Imax film & color grading of Nolan... and finally the name Trinitite is the perfect answer for every idea from Line, Shape, Color, Story for this residential."

(Product of 3A Signature)
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