▎ Location: Ninh Thuan
▎ Year: 2024
▎ Type of project: Design & Build by Palm Archi
▎ Interior Designer: ThinhDoan
▎ Architect Designer: SonJoy

As a Vacation Villa in Ninh Thuan where the homeowners only retreat a few times a year for holidays, the owners value sophistication and modernity in design but still wish to bring the essence of natural flowers and leaves into the interior. From these touchpoints, we envision crafting the villa as a place where the Five senses of human beings are subtly stimulated.
• Vision:
Emphasizing modernity and sophistication. Neutral tones serve as the foundation, while subtle contrasting colors are used as the background layer for the space. The apricot crush color, fresh and vibrant, is chosen as an accent, creating a fresh and youthful effect.
• Touch and Hearing:
The idea of piano key stairs is manifested through the spine of the structure (the staircase), where it is challenging to handle elegantly. Here, each step with its accompanying light effect harmonizes with the movement of the Occhio Mito lamp and a piece of music performed by the pianist in the space.
• Smell and Taste:
The elegance of flowers and leaves is expressed through the handling of materials placed in special positions throughout the entirety. The glass mosaic paintings carry the full flavor of nature and the final touch to create accents for a modern space.
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