▎ Location: Tay Ninh City
▎ Year: 2022
▎ Type of project: Design & Build by 3ASIGNATURE
▎ Lead Design: ThinhDoan - SonJoy
▎ Designer: NamHa | MinhDo | ThanNguyen | KhoaNguyen | DuyVo

From the moment in the interior design process, we are always motivated to bring an elegant modern design that is not only elegant and luxurious, the green space are linked between the indoor and the outdoor, it's difficult But the most difficult thing is how to personalize the passion as well as the business that has made successful use of the homeowner's career is one of the problems that we have to solve and tell it through interior design language. At that time, an image flashed in our minds that was the combination of the name The Enigma Black Diamond, a famous black diamond located in Ba Den mountains. Why not?

(Product of 3A Signature)
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